Your questions about LANCE answered

What is LANCE?

LANCE is a change-making newsletter and community that fights for freelancers everywhere.

Who runs it?

Me! I’m Anna Codrea-Rado, a journalist, podcaster and campaigner. I started writing this newsletter back in 2017 (it used to be called The Professional Freelancer) when I lost my job and decided to go freelance. I now split my time between running this newsletter, writing a book and campaigning for freelancer workers’ rights. You can read more about me and my work here

What do I get if I pay? 

You get access to a toolkit that will help your freelance business flourish. Premium membership not only helps you be the best freelancer can you be, but it also sustains LANCE’s mission to support the global freelance community. 

LANCE premium members receive the following benefits:

  • Invitations to LANCE Chats, a series of member-only virtual events

  • An exclusive, weekly insider-email packed with industry insights, work tips, cool opportunities and more

  • Access to live online discussion threads with Anna and the other LANCE members to chat, rant and revel about freelance life

PLUS: If you sign up before Jan 22, you can join the inaugural LANCE Accountability Club, a support group of like-minded freelancers to help you reach your professional goals this year

How much is a membership?

£9 a month or £90 a year. That’s less than the cost of a weekly coffee!

I don’t live in the UK, can I still get a membership?

Yes! LANCE is a global community. You’ll be charged in your local currency. 

Can I expense the cost of a membership? 

Most likely! Check with your accountant or local tax authorities, but in most cases, membership will count as a tax-deductible expense. 

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes! You can cancel at any time, no questions asked.

I can’t afford a membership, can I still read your journalism?

Yes! LANCE is committed to open news. Every Friday, we publish a piece of original reporting about the independent workers’ community. This is free for anyone to read.

Why do you charge a membership? 

LANCE is reader-funded. The small percentage of readers who pay make the entire publication possible. The membership model allows me to continue to publish the free edition of the newsletter for the tens of thousands of freelancers who read it each week. I chose a reader-funded model because it keeps the publication accountable. I answer only to my readers, so I can focus on providing them with independent journalism. 

I’m not a journalist, will I get value from a membership?

Yes. While I’m a journalist and my background is in writing, the tools and resources I create are valuable and applicable to all freelancers. We have photographers, marketeers and coaches in our community, so come and join us :)

Why the name LANCE?

The Scottish writer Sir Walter Scott wrote about “free lances” in Invahoe, his historical novel set in the 12th century, in reference to the mercenary knights who leased out their swords - their lances – to the highest bidder. I’ve always loved the origins of the word freelance, because it reminds me to go after what I’m worth, to stand up against poor treatment and be fiercely independent. In 2021, a woman of action will always find her self-employment. It’s that fighting spirit that I’m calling on right now with LANCE. 

I’d like to attend one of your virtual events

You need a membership to come along to an event. You can sign up for one here. 

What are other ways I can financially support LANCE?

Thanks so much for asking! You can become a Super Supporter, buy a gift subscription or donate a block of subscriptions. Send an email to theprofessionalfreelancer@substack.com for more information. 

I’d like to support LANCE, but membership isn’t for me. Do you take one-off donations?

That’s very kind of you. At the moment, LANCE doesn’t accept one-off donations. Practical ways to show your support include signing up to receive the free newsletter, liking the posts and sharing them with others. These actions don’t cost you anything but really help us out!  

What is Substack?

LANCE is hosted on Substack, a publishing platform for subscription newsletters. You can read more about Substack here

Who draws the doodles?

That would be Léo Hamelin. She’s available for commissions.

My question isn’t answered here 

Send it to theprofessionalfreelancer@substack.com and I will reply to you directly 💌